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The Few Things You to Check When Getting Vape CBD Oil

When you are seeking something good, you need to go the extra mile to find it. Many people know this by heart but still, fall for marketing gimmicks. The wisdom is quite true when looking at the vaping product. Many of them come with promises but may not live to the hype. This article will get you a few tips to help you discern the right products. These few things to take into account can go a long way in guaranteeing your satisfaction when vaping.

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Check the Contents of the Oil

You should be considering the contents since they make up the value of the oil. Contents can vary according to what you want in the oil, but some aspects of it may not be adding anything of value. Therefore, do not fool yourself with the list of ingredient. Rather, look at the quality of the ingredients. If a manufacturer is not listing them, then that might be the first sign of trouble. Most online vendors will also be kind enough to offer details of the product, and that is a good thing since it lets you make an informed decision.

Purity of Cannabinoids

Each vape oil has distinct cannabinoid to make it create a particular reaction in your brain and for your health. However, you need pure ingredients for the vape CBD oil to work as advertised. Due diligence on the manufacturer is important to ensure you are buying the best CBD oil UK to reward you with value for your money.

The Packaging Quality

If you have a chance to examine the product physically, then you will need to evaluate its quality based on packaging. If the bottle feels too cheap as though it might break under pressure, then you are looking at a poorly designed package material. Consider giving it a pass in favor of something with a more serious look. Packaging quality would also entail the branding of the oil, the visibility of the logo, and other product details, and the ease of handling. They are useful attributes to make you choose between products that are too similar in your eyes.

Evaporation Dangers

dripping juice on a vapeAfter getting your oil, you must know how to keep it to avoid losing all of it before enjoying it. Therefore, seek to follow storage instructions. Some vape oil will evaporate when exposed to heat. You need to minimize such instances by keeping the bottle closed and immediately transferring the oil to your tank when you are ready to vape it. Sometimes things will not be so easy, and you can expect to lose a bit of your oil as spills and evaporation, especially when you can creating a vape oil cocktail. Nevertheless, high-quality oils have high viscosity reliability that keeps them within their original format for long.

Expiration Rate

There are two ways to look at expiration. There is the date of expiry which any sane adult will know, and there is the rate of use. Expiration rate here refers to the latter where you get some good vape CBD oil that lasts as long as specified from the manufacturers.


Tips for Making Your Teeth White

Making your teeth white can give you that killer smile that you normally see in celebrities. But the question comes, what does it take to have your teeth as white as you would have loved it to be? Well, you are probably reading this article because you are looking for an answer to that question.

Many people are willing to do anything at their disposal just to make sure that they have white teeth. The truth is that whitening your teeth is not a hard nut to crack. There are several simple ways that you can employ, and within the shortest time possible, you will get to enjoy the fruits. This here’s how you can have white teeth naturally.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is one of the methods that has been used during time immemorial to give people the white teeth that they have been yearning for. It involves swirling of oil around the mouth to enhance the process of bacterial removal. You first need to understand that the yellow color of your teeth is caused by certain types of bacteria. So when you eliminate these bacteria, it means that the yellow color will start to disappear slowly.

You, however, need to understand that there is no scientific evidence that seems to back up this method of teeth whitening.

Baking Soda

You can also try brushing with baking soda. If your teeth are not badly stained, you can be sure that this method will give you the desired result. Science has it that baking soda has whitening properties and there are no reasons why it will not work for you as far as teeth whitening is concerned.

It is recommended that you mix one teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with the toothpaste that you normally use before you brush. If you do this in a couple of days, you will see the results.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you did some chemistry in high school, then you understand that hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent. This is why people have been making use of it since time immemorial to whiten their teeth. You can also make use of it to achieve your goals. One thing that you need to understand is that most commercial teeth whitening products that you see in the market have terraces of hydrogen peroxide. In fact, it is the hydrogen peroxide in them that makes such products effective as far as teeth whitening is concerned.

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Benefits of MyEliteHealth

As researchers gain more and more insight into the negative side effects of drugs, more and more people are turning to herbal remedies that are less likely to have these adverse side effects. The beauty of herbal remedies is that most of them have no additives that are responsible for greater problems that man has to deal with once they consume drugs. Another good thing with the green remedies is that they are useful for a myriad of reasons like treating, supplementing the diet, boosting immune and even helping with work out exercises. This is why such products are recommended for anyone who is willing to try them out. One of the most commonly used products are the super greens which are the extracts of wheatgrass, spirulina algae, and alfafa among other plants. They come packed with some benefits of MyEliteHealth.



Benefits of taking Super Greensvegetables

Many people have attested to have realized some benefits after using the super greens. The reason why they are called super greens is that they come packed with some useful vitamins that are vital to the well being of your body. Below are some of the many benefits that you will enjoy when using super green as supplements with medicinal value:





Super greens are known to help in preventing cancer. They have in them antioxidants that are known to combat carcinogenic elements and free radicals in the body. The chlorophyll in them plays an important role in disturbing the cancerous environment in the body. It helps in combating the cancerous cells in the body. They also work to promote the blood circulation in the body ensuring that all cells in the body are well supplied with nutrients.



Lowering the Risk of Heart Diseases

As mentioned above, super greens aid in blood circulation. This will, in turn, reduce the heart diseases that are now rampant. A particular pigment by the name phycocyanin found in blue algae has a positive effect on the endothelium cells which are found in blood vessels. This helps in regulating the blood pressure.




Improving Digestive Systems

Today, more and more people are taking junk food which is detrimental to their health. This combined with sugars and drugs will eventually throw the system off balance. Fiber is one of the best-known nutrients that helps bring some normalcy in the digestive system. Most of the super greens come loaded with lots of fiber and this will in a big way work to bring some sanity in your digestive system.


The above are some of the very many benefits that will result in taking the super greens. There are so many others that one can learn about online. It is for this reason why it is highly recommended that one should try and get to use some of these supplements. Most of them are available online, and one can order from the comfort of their own homes, and therefore there is no reason why one should not get to derive these great benefits. There is a lot of health benefits that result from these green supplements, and therefore, anyone interested should be sure to order some of them online.


Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Recumbent Bike

Keeping fit is one of the things that you can do to make sure that you live a long life. It is unfortunate that not many people find the passion for keeping fit. Some give up on the first day that they go into the gym. If you are that type, then you need to understand that keeping fit is not all about going to the gym.

Buying a good bike can give you the killer workout that you need to be able to have that perfect shape that you normally see in celebrities. This is why in this article we provide you with important factors to consider anytime that you go to buy a recumbent bike for keeping fit. RecumbentBlog.com can also give you more insights on the same.


One of the reasons why many people quit going to the gym is because they do not find the whole thing interesting. In the same, if you are not going to buy a bike that you will always feel comfortable to use, there are chances that you will easily get bored with it. So it is important that before you buy your bike, get to test it and feel its comfort. If it cannot make you feel comfortable when you are using it, then that is a sign that you should keep looking for a better one.

The Price

The price is another important factor to consider when looking for a recumbent bike. As much as you might want it to fit into your budget, you need to understand that you get what you pay for. Some recumbent bikes are sold at a cheap price because they do not have the ability to give you the killer workout that you deserve. It is good to spend a substantial amount of money on buying a quality bike knowing that it will give you quality services.

You, however, need to understand that some sellers might take advantage of your ignorance to sell to you a cheap bike at a very high price. This is why you need to carry out extensive research before you go to the market to buy your bike.

Online Reviews

Information is power, and when you have it, the chances of you making a mistake are low. One of the reliable sources of information is the online reviews. You need to peruse through the online reviews and get to know what those who have bought different recumbent bikes before having in mind. This way, you will have the information that you will need to make an informed decision.


Stay Fit by Playing Sports with Friends

Sometimes you need to get creative to workout because going out to the gym can be a little boring. Why not try playing sports with your friends so you can have a great time while doing an exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy.


soccerIf you can find a group of friends of yours that loves the sport or you want to join a club or community that plays football, you will find yourself in a fun and competitive environment where your teamwork, strategy, and stamina will be tested. Constantly running across the huge field is a great exercise and you will enjoy it way much better than running tracks because you will forget about the exhaustion and focus on the game. There is nothing much that you have to buy to play the sports aside from the shoes and goalkeeper gloves in case you like to be the goalkeeper.


Usually, people that play basketball because it is the sport that they choose to play since they were a kid. Though it can be really tough to play as an adult that does not have the energy to jump and run around, it is still fun to do this with your friends on the weekend to train the body and just have fun. The play does not always have to be competitive, and you can make up your own rules to make it interesting.


For those that do not do well in sports that require teamwork, you can head over to tennis and prepare to beat up your every one of your muscles. Tennis is the perfect sport to play on a sunny day if your arm has what it takes to lift the heavy racket and swing it to hit the tennis ball. It is a great way to compete with your friends one to one.


swimming Though relaxing by the side of the pool and tanning is what you usually do, you are missing out big time if you do not give swimming a try. It may seem like a lot of work, and you may not get the appeal when you try it out the first time. But after you keep going and keep swimming eventually, you will get why it is relaxing to swim and just glide in the water. This sport is wonderful not only for the muscles and to burn fat but also healthy for your lungs.

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How to Get the Most Out of a Boxing Dummy

Boxing is one of the most popular sports that is played by men and women all around the world. Back in the days, the sport was meant for men alone. However, now anyone regardless of the gender can practice it. Boxing has become an integral part of every state level and international sports event. Boxing being a very tactical game, it requires the right coordination of brain and hand movements. Many people make use of this punching dummies regularly to enhance their coordination and increase their metabolism. The game enhances the body’s metabolism and the overall physical fitness. It helps to keep you in pace with today’s hectic lifestyle. Likewise, grappling dummies are popular among those who love the sport because it can help them to flex up their muscles and physical fitness. Keep reading the text below to know more about effective training using a Boxdummy Test und Vergleich.


boxingDevotion and Attention

When having a dummy grappling training session, you must pay attention to the footwork. Using correct footwork will enhance your ability to strengthen your defense and increase your ability on the offensive front. When an individual increases his speed and accuracy of your feet, he can be able to defend himself against the opponent. A grappling dummy can help to enhance your agility and proficiency in the game. If you are an amateur, you will benefit from the use of the boxing dummy since it aid in training how to punch the opponent correctly and steer clear of the opponent. When you keep doing this over and over again, you will get to learn how to defend yourself and coordinate your limbs properly. Always remember that winning in boxing matches can be done by a proper hand and foot movements.


Benefits of Gabbling Dummy

One of the advantages of its usage includes your opportunity to master the techniques in guarding and opposing an attack, kicks, balance, and footwork. The proper positioning of your arms and legs, including your posture can also be practiced. Since it is available to use any time of the day, you can train as long as you want. The more you practice, the faster you can develop your skills.


Where to Buy

A grappling dummy is available at various online stores that offer the best dummies at affordable rates. If you have recently started boxing, you should purchase a dummy today. The training dummy will help you develop endurance and to execute a swift and hard-hitting punch. You will learn various boxing moves like jab, cross, hook, and uppercut with ease. If you wish to become competent, it is essential to practice a lot with dummies. All the renowned boxing players practice for hours with dummies to greater stamina and learn tactics that are needed to gain points in the sport. You too will be able to gain the upper hand over your opponents by practicing with a dummy for long hours.


glovesTraining Duration

The time spent when training using your grappling dummy can deliver great results. The dummy can be used for long practice sessions. You can spend countless hours practicing with your dummies and slowly and steadily build up the strength to win the game. You can achieve a fit a body by practicing every day. It is important to earn you the best physical health to venture into this sport.


Qualities of a Great Emergency Dentist

When you are considering to choose an emergency dentist to attend to your problem, you need to check on some characteristic of this dentist. A great emergency dentist has some personality traits that are different from each other. You need to have attention to this qualities to ensure that you are comfortable in your treatment.

This article has put together the qualities of a professional emergency dentist.

Good manual dexterity

A professional dentist should have a handy manual dexterity to go through whenever he or she wants to do a dental procedure to his or her patient. It is an important aspect to guide the dentist in handling various types of dental complications. The procedures are supposed to be done in good coordination and a steady hand.

The skills that the dentist has should allow him or she to manipulate the tools accurately to make his or her task easier. This dentist should also have good stamina because standing over the patient might take longer hat expected.

Excellent communication skills

good with kidsCommunication skills are the best thing a great dentist should have. Talking to the patients will determine their courage to visit the dentists again. He or she should be able to be nice when advising the patients. Similarly, the dentist should be humble to make the patient comfortable in explaining his or her dental problems during the examination. Also, the professional dentist should be able to explain any technical terms in an easy way that the patient would understand.

Compassion and honesty

When a dentist is compassionate and honest, he or she will create a good relationship with the patients and the work colleagues. People who have dental health problems are affected in some areas in their personal life; the doctor should be willing to advise how to cope up with the situation.

He or she must have a compassionate attitude to such situations and help the patients to feel at ease and comfortable while seeking help. The dentist should also be honest in judging the patient, he or she should put their care in own hands.

Extensive knowledge

A professional dentist should have a wealthy knowledge in dental treatment and problems related to the teeth. This will allow him or her in applying the necessary skills in solving different teeth complications. The dentist should know about dental hygiene. He or she should be able to identify all the dental problems and find the possible ways to treat them.

New technology

new toolsA good dentist should use equipment that applies technology in operation. Remember that dental treatment requires much attention. Therefore the dentist needs to use advanced equipment with up-to-date on the latest technology in solving the dental problems. A good dentist should be committed to leaning any upcoming technology in dental treatment so that he or she can be able to cope up with the changing technology.


How to Choose a Dental Cosmetic Clinic

If you are planning to undergo a smile make up it is advisable you take time to find a good dental clinic which will offer the services to you. Dental cosmetic involves undergoing dental procedures which are centered on improving your dental aesthetics. Similarly, cosmetic dentistry involves procedures which are also meant improve your teeth appearance, position, size, alignment or even shape.

For this reason, you should find a dental clinic which has dentists who have specialized in the procedure. This procedure is considered a specialty and so not many dentists are trained on it. Finding the best clinic can be very difficult, but this article outlines some of the best ways you will be able to identify a good dental cosmetic clinic.

Ask for recommendations

If you want to get the best dental cosmetic clinic, you can talk your friends who have had the dental cosmeticdental procedure before. This individual will be in a position to tell you where he or she received the service and if the quality of service was high. Personal recommendations from friends are one of the best ways you will be in a position to identify a good dental clinic that offers cosmetic dentistry. On the other hand, you can ask your general doctor or dentists to refer you to a good clinic with quality dental cosmetic services.

Consider the experience

When you seek dental cosmetic services from a particular dental clinic, you should understand the experience the facility has had in the provision of the dental cosmetic services. Experienced dentists in dental cosmetic will be well placed to handle any dental cosmetic procedure. Similarly in case of any complication after the procedure experienced dentists will know how to handle and contain it before it becomes severe.

Check on the clinic reputation

dentalA clinic which offers successful dental cosmetic procedures will have a good reputation. If you want to get a good dental clinic, you should also consider the reputation. You should read reviews that the clinic has received from past clients have given. Happy clients will give their reviews. If a clinic has many positive reviews, you can consider seeking the dental cosmetic services from the facility.

Check the prices

It is also essential you check the cost at which you will receive the dental cosmetic services. Every clinic offers dental cosmetic services at various prices. Before you choose a particular clinic, you should understand if you will be in a position to pay the costing which will be accrued once the procedure is done.



Purchasing the Ideal Kayak

If you are thinking of changing the way you spend your holidays, then you should go for water rafting or try fishing. But if you want to have a memorable experience, you should buy a kayak. If you have not tried the different water activities, then water rafting can be the best holiday activity for you. With water rafting, you will be able to see the natural beauty of rivers and have fun with your family and friends.

However, to enjoy your holiday more, you need to find a good kayak that you can use for rafting. Finding the ideal kayak is not hard at all. You can find different kayaks to buy through searching the internet or talking to more experienced people. If you are searching for the best kayak to purchase, then here are some guidelines for you.

The internet

kayak1With just a smart phone that is internet enabled, you can quickly go online and do some research on kayaks. Online, you will find all the different kayaks available in your region. You will also learn about various kayaks and choose the one that suits your needs. With Google, you are also able to purchase a kayak online or get directions to the different stores that are selling kayaks in your city. Visit www.kayakudos.com to read more information about kayaks

Your desire

You should know your need for buying a kayak. Different kayaks are made for specific purposes. Some kayaks are meant for fishing while others are intended for water rafting or water paddling competitions. When buying a kayak, you should first inquire about the advantages and disadvantages of the different kayaks available in the stores. Once you are clear about your desire, then you will know the ideal kayak to buy.


paddling a kayakKayaks come with different seating capacity. Before buying a kayak, you should know if you are going to use it alone or you intend to go fishing with friends or family. If you want to go fishing with friends and family, then you should buy a kayak with more seating space. But if you are going to go for some solo competition, then you can buy a smaller one with single seating space.


The amount you will spend on buying a kayak will depend on the size and the material used to make it. If you want a newer kayak with better quality, you will need to save enough money. However, kayaks are not very expensive.

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Ultimate Guide When Choosing a Personal Trainer

If you already have the gym membership and the chosen few of the home fitness equipments, adding a personal trainer to the list is recommended in achieving the goal faster. Selecting one will be the hectic thing because of the sheer number that is out there.

If you are thinking about investing in one, the first thing that someone will wonder is how they are going to choose the right one for the needs that they have. If that is the situation that you are currently in, this is the right place for you. Continue reading to understand some of the ultimate guides when choosing a personal trainer.

Correct certificates

certificate The personal trainer that you are considering should be able to provide the right credentials. The credentials or certificates they will show that they are legally and officially allowed to do the job.

The correct certificate will give you peace of mind that the personal trainer has the knowledge that’s needed, so they know what they are doing. With that, you know that you are safe and there will be no many cases of injuries. If there are no cases of so many injuries, you will be able to achieve all your goals within no time.


Before going ahead to hire the personal trainer, you should ask how long they have been in business. Most trainers will not shy away from telling you some of the success stories that they have had in the past.

Don’t be shy to ask because there the once that will help you in achieving most of the goals that you have so they should be able to give you the track record that they have. Ask about some of the clients that they have worked with most likely if the trainer is a professional they will have a book of some of their achievements.

The price

budget The services of the personal trainer will not be that expensive. It’s a considerable investment. But before going ahead and making the investment you need to ensure that you can afford. Access the financial situation that you have and budget according to what you will be able to afford before you arrange to get the personal trainer.

There are so many packages of getting the services of the personal trainer you just need to make sure that you get what you can afford. If you can’t afford the personal trainer, you can get the group classes or partner training. If you are looking for the best place to get a personal trainer then look no further than the Masters Personal Training in East Lancashire.


Reducing the Risk of Cataract

Cataract is an eye disease where one’s eyes start to form clouds that block your vision. Although it sounded like nothing to think of, a terrible case of a cataract is a heavily clouded vision that might interfere with one’s daily activities which can consist of driving your car, reading and even looking at another friend’s expression. Although cataract surgeries are safe and effective, you might be thinking if there are some ways to reduce the risk of cataract, and there is! In this article, we’re going to discuss on how to reduce the risk of cataract so make sure you read this article to find out more about it.

visionRegular eye examination

Make sure that you get your eyes checked at least once every three months, just like how you would get your teeth checked. And sometimes you might have some eye diseases that you don’t know, and going to the doctor might prevent you from getting the disease to grow or in case you need medical procedures as soon as possible. If you’re in India and might need some professional service, consider checking out cataract surgery in delhi as they have certified doctors that can help you, in case you need a cataract surgery right away.

Tip: always check if your insurance covers your medical procedures or not, as an eye surgery can be very expensive.

cigarStop your smoking

Smoking has been proven to improve the chances of the cataract forming in your eye, so make sure that you stop smoking starting from now. Unsure on how to stop smoking? You can always ask your doctor for a suggestion or opt for limiting your smoking intake, and always chew gum whenever you get the urge to smoke.

Reduce your alcohol intake

Besides giving you a beer gut, studies have also proven that drinking alcohol can increase the risk of the cataract forming even faster in your eyes. The only way to reduce the risk is to limit your alcohol intake, or perhaps drinking when you have to when you’re out with a client or meeting with your friends.

fruitHealthy diet

Eating carrots alone will not help to maintain your eye’s health, so make sure that you eat a variety of veggies and fruits that can support your eye health. Vitamin A, C, and E is proven to keep your eye on the check, so make sure you eat foods that are full of those vitamins.

Tip: wear sunglasses if you’re going outside, the UV ray can attack your eyes, which can quite harmful.

chronic illnesses

Top Causes Of Common Chronic Diseases

What do we mean by chronic diseases? Chronic diseases are on the increase today, and they affect the human health putting those affected in a serious health condition. These diseases vary from diabetes, cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, asthma, and heart disease. Most individuals are not aware of the threat this disease can pose to the human life. When you realize you have any of these diseases, you should take steps that are aimed at protecting and improving your health in general.

What are you supposed to do if at all you realize that you are ill? Some exercises may be beyond you, and this means that you will have to try out simple exercises like walking. If you cannot climb your stairs without breathing out heavily, then you are not fit, and you need to start taking a walk around your place.

When you engage in fitness activities, you will reduce risking stroke and coronary heart disease, you will lower your blood pressure, you will reduce your body fat, and you will control your body weight among other things. With chronic illnesses to walk as an adult, will be a way of living a healthy life and also a way of living comfortably with them. Below are the causes of chronic diseases.


sausage bananaA lot of people today in our society are malnourished as much as they consume what is expected every day. Why do you think this happens? It is because a lot of people have turned to processed foods and abandoned natural food. Processed foods do not contain vitamins and minerals. They only have few nutrients that live the human body paralyzed.

Other people grow foodstuffs on farms that have minimal or no mineral content making the plants unhealthy and for the situation to be corrected; they have to spray using insecticides which end up later in the human body. Animals too are being fed on poor feeds lowering the animals’ immunity. In addition to this, animals are fed on antibiotics that end up in the human body distorting it.


Toxicity results from our environment. For example, we drink contaminated water. It is contaminated because it contains chlorine and other metals. Washing powder is channeled to our sources of water. Chemicals from the farm end up in our rivers too. Animal wastes are also being channeled to our sources of water making our drinking water unsafe for our health. When we take this water to our bodies, we ingest chemicals, growth hormones and a lot of antibiotics into our bodies making us ill.


stressStress is what is consuming a lot of our people nowadays. Stress leads to negative results in our bodies and among them are diseases. Due to poverty, people are working day and night without resting or doing healthy exercises in an attempt to make money without any knowledge of the harm they are doing to their bodies.

The level of adrenaline in our bodies does not go down it is going up every day, and it has long-term effects on the human health because some people are getting malnourished and some suffering from ulcers.


Fitness Tips – Top Exercises That You Can Do Daily

Making it in this life requires you to be fit in every area of your body. This includes mentally, physically, emotionally and of course, spiritually. Nowadays, most people complain about how hard it is to balance family, work, relationships and not forgetting the fitness regime. All these have to be equal and balanced to ensure that everything else is not left hanging. There are exercises that you just can’t afford to ignore or skip. You can comfortably include them in your daily routines and watch them work wonders for your overall personality. This calls for resilience as well as consistency.


walkingWe do this on a minute basis, and without knowing it, walking is quite beneficial to your health. As you walk, your muscles become leaner. What’s more, blood flow to every area of your body is greatly enhanced. Walking is an activity that can even be done with the eyes closed. It is essential for the modern man to get in touch with their limbs and exercise them for the better. The best part is that it is beneficial to anyone that dares make the most out of it.

Going for a walk without the confines of the house can expose you to multiple resources that are deemed useful for your body. This includes breathing in fresh air, having a taste of the morning sun and so on. So now you have a reason to ditch the car and make use of your legs.


It may be seen as a tiresome venture for most people, but it really helps. Jogging is a fitness activity that has proven to be worth it over the years. Not to mention the fact that it refreshes the mind and body when done in the wee hours of the morning. What’s more, jogging becomes something that you may want to look forward to when you have got company.

To facilitate its effectiveness, you may want to equip yourself with the right gear. It would be outright insanity going for a jog in heels and official wear. Get the right outfit, and you will be sure to enjoy your jogs.

Jump rope

The plus side of this exercise is that you can do it anywhere. Even in the office. You can play jump rope in the park and even at home. This is just as long as you have all the necessary gear and equipment with you. This is a cool and easy way to lose all those pounds you feel are weighing on you. You don’t have to pile up so much pressure on yourself such that you end up getting discouraged.

Do it as a fun activity, and before you realize it, you are looking and feeling fit. Another thing about jump rope is that it is affordable. You don’t have to go all the way to the gym and settle all the fees involved before you can access it.

It is readily available for you to use it at your pleasure. It is also good for mood enhancement in case you want to turn the frown upside down.