chronic illnesses

Top Causes Of Common Chronic Diseases

What do we mean by chronic diseases? Chronic diseases are on the increase today, and they affect the human health putting those affected in a serious health condition. These diseases vary from diabetes, cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, asthma, and heart disease. Most individuals are not aware of the threat this disease can pose to the human life. When you realize you have any of these diseases, you should take steps that are aimed at protecting and improving your health in general.

What are you supposed to do if at all you realize that you are ill? Some exercises may be beyond you, and this means that you will have to try out simple exercises like walking. If you cannot climb your stairs without breathing out heavily, then you are not fit, and you need to start taking a walk around your place.

When you engage in fitness activities, you will reduce risking stroke and coronary heart disease, you will lower your blood pressure, you will reduce your body fat, and you will control your body weight among other things. With chronic illnesses to walk as an adult, will be a way of living a healthy life and also a way of living comfortably with them. Below are the causes of chronic diseases.


sausage bananaA lot of people today in our society are malnourished as much as they consume what is expected every day. Why do you think this happens? It is because a lot of people have turned to processed foods and abandoned natural food. Processed foods do not contain vitamins and minerals. They only have few nutrients that live the human body paralyzed.

Other people grow foodstuffs on farms that have minimal or no mineral content making the plants unhealthy and for the situation to be corrected; they have to spray using insecticides which end up later in the human body. Animals too are being fed on poor feeds lowering the animals’ immunity. In addition to this, animals are fed on antibiotics that end up in the human body distorting it.


Toxicity results from our environment. For example, we drink contaminated water. It is contaminated because it contains chlorine and other metals. Washing powder is channeled to our sources of water. Chemicals from the farm end up in our rivers too. Animal wastes are also being channeled to our sources of water making our drinking water unsafe for our health. When we take this water to our bodies, we ingest chemicals, growth hormones and a lot of antibiotics into our bodies making us ill.


stressStress is what is consuming a lot of our people nowadays. Stress leads to negative results in our bodies and among them are diseases. Due to poverty, people are working day and night without resting or doing healthy exercises in an attempt to make money without any knowledge of the harm they are doing to their bodies.

The level of adrenaline in our bodies does not go down it is going up every day, and it has long-term effects on the human health because some people are getting malnourished and some suffering from ulcers.